A secret organization. A life altering dralchom. Lawbreakers taking advantage of both.

Jefrie was brilliant. And he knew it. His passion was dralchomy, and he was determined to become the best dralchemist in the world.

Kloin was his wise master. He saw Jefrie's raw talent and pushed him harder. But kept his most powerful dralchoms to himself.

Arthur was too awkward to have any real role other than being Jefrie's best friend. But they let him pretend to be their guard.

Tret was the mastermind behind the whole operation.

Together, they formed a successful team that created and sold dralchoms…potions that could control or accelerate the dragon curse flowing through the veins of the people of Ardonor.

When they are asked to provide an inordinate amount of dragonlyst, they didn't care it was with a mysterious organization that participated in dark rituals and sacrifices. All they cared about was the massive gold being offered and the opportunity to make more dragonlyst.

But when they accidentally uncover a secret of the organization, events are set into motion that has the entire team running for their lives. But death isn't always the worst outcome…

…dragonlyst can turn you into a dragon.

Dragonlyst is the first sci-fi/fantasy novella in The Drahiad Chronicles Prologues. If you like unique magic systems, rich characters, mysterious organizations, and suspense that will keep you guessing, then you'll love Randall Seeley's style and this introduction to the world of Ardonor.

What will you get?

Dragonlyst is an introductory prologue to The Drahiad Chronicles.  Set two years before the series begins, you'll be introduced to Jefrie Danglon and Arthur Drift, two young men who are vital to the story line.

It will provide you with some context and explanation for the world of Ardonor and the curse that flows through their blood: dragon transformation.

You'll also be introduced to dralchemy.  Dralchemists are the men and women who specialize in understanding the root causes of dragon transformation, and in creating different dralchoms (potions) that interact with the curse in the people of Ardonor's blood.  Dragonlyst is one of the more dangerous dralchoms.

As a bonus, this short novel also includes the first chapter of Dragon Born.  

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Dragonlyst: A Short Novel: A Prologue To The Drahiad Chronicles