Order of the Dragon

Dragon's Intellect, Dragon's Resilience, and Dragon's Courage.

They were Trials designed to test a candidate's fortitude, aptitude, adeptness, and potential. Those strong enough to successfully pass each Trial earn the privilege to enter the Order of the Dragon; the organization responsible for protecting the people of Ardonor from the dragon curse flowing through their veins.

Alaina Salvate always dreamed of joining the Order of the Dragon as a child, but figured it was nothing more than a childhood fantasy, because joining the Order was practically an impossible task. The Order was only for the elite. Only for those invited. Only for those who gave off an impression.

But when the Headmasters of the Order came knocking on Alaina's door with news that she had given off an impression, Alaina realized she was gifted with an opportunity of a lifetime.

If she agreed to enter the Trials, and succeeded, she would be worthy to enter the Order of the Dragon.

It came down to one last question.

Would you leave everyone you love behind to become a hero?

Order of the Dragon is another novella in the sci-fi/fantasy series that features breathtaking action, unique magic systems, rich characters, and mysterious races. Author Randall Seeley continues to adapt his love of Brandon Sanderson and Terry Brooks in another novella of The Drahiad Chronicles Prologues.

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