The Drahiad Chronicles Reading List

THE Drahiad Chronicles PROLOGUES:

These will introduce you to the World of Ardonor, the unique magic system known as dralchemy, and each of the main characters and their journey of how they arrive at the Order of the Dragon. These are written in chronological order, so the best reading experience is the way they are published...however, each book is a single book that can be read alone. In order to get the full backstories, I recommend reading all of these prior to reading The Drahiad Chronicles

Dragonlyst - Currently Available

Alderidon Wolves:  - Currently Available

The Order of the Dragon - Currently Available

Siege of Draestl - Forthcoming*

The Trahiad -  Forthcoming*

Cataclysm - Forthcoming*

The Drahiad Chronicles

These happen just after Cataclysm, and will be the first time all of the main characters are in the same book. This begins the epic saga that will take you through six books that you'll want to read in chronological order. The first will be out shortly after the prologues are complete!

Dragon Born -  Forthcoming*


*Title is tentative and subject to change