The start of a new adventure

So today begins a new chapter in my life.  First with the creation of this website and then with the publication of my first novel (short novel if I'm being specific).  

First, the website.  I've always wanted to have a website, but the time I don't spend with my family and my "real" job is spent in a world filled with dragons and Templars, so I have little to no time left, and that time I definitely don't want to be spending figuring out how to host, build, and manage a website.  That's where the Broncos come in.  I've been an avid Broncos fan since I was a little lad, so this year I was especially excited about the Broncos performance and ecstatic about the Superbowl.  But within the first few minutes of the game two things happened.  The game spiraled out of control and became painful, demoralizing, and depressing.  I went into such a funk that I ended up turning off the game and for a short while I just sat on the couch, commiserating about the season, and hoping that I was in some kind of weird nightmare that I would wake from at any moment.  I never did awake, and the cold dark truth that the Broncos got annihilated sunk in.  The reason it became a win is because one commercial stood out.  Squarespace.  I had never heard of it, but I figured that maybe this was the whole reason I was supposed to watch the Super Bowl.  Maybe I should check them out.  So check them out I did.  I have to say I can't be more impressed or excited about using them.  They make websites look awesome, while making it easy enough that I can figure it out during the little spare time that I have, and I am actually bullish that I will keep this blog up.  So thank you Squarespace!  Oh--and just in case I made anyone not want to read my books because I said I'm a Broncos fan; well played Seahawks, well played.

Now on to the real reason for this website.  My book.  Dragonlyst: A Short Novel is going to be published any day.  As soon as I finalize the details of my cover design, I'll plan on having that created and hopefully in two weeks it will be up and running.  I honestly can't wait.  This is something that I have dreamed about since I was a little boy, so I'm thrilled to finally see this dream come to fruition.  I'll write more on Dragonlyst in the near future--so stay tuned.