Irrationally Optimistic

For those of you who bought a paperback of Dragonlyst, you may have noticed that it has a release date for Dragon Born for the Spring of 2014...well...whoops...that didn't happen (the problem of's permanent). My rationale for drastically missing this self imposed deadline? One of my friends once described me as "irrationally optimistic." Enough said I guess. Well...despite me being way off my original goal...I'm still alive, I'm still writing, and I'm writing aggressively. Here's an update. I have two prologue novella's 90% complete, Dragon Born is on it's final draft, and I have two more Novella's in the works. Goal is to publish them month after month once I've wrapped them up. I'm not putting down a date so I can avoid the embarrassment of the past one! Hope you all are doing awesome!